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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I don't get the impression that Cornell thinks he's "stuck" on Demon Knights, which is one of the better titles in the 52. The only title I liked more was All-Star Western - Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark were good runners-up. That being said, Perez was a weird choice for Superman.

I was underwhelmed by the first issue of Justice League, but really liked the second issue - especially the Flash/Superman fight and the cell phone conversation. I might be the only person who thought that only seeing the end of Batman's ineffective attempts to throw stuff at Superman was actually quite effective story-telling.
I liked this too. After Issue One, I was a little afraid that the entire book would be one long fight scene. I was happy that this month's story had a bit of meat to it.

The only thing that I am really disappointed about here is that we are going back to the sixties and seventies in the sense that the team is overwhelmingly male. Black Canary at least should be on board and Zatanna should move over from Justice League Dark.
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