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Re: World Of Warcraft?

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Their answer to The Old Republic... is to turn WoW into World of Kung-fu Pandacraft?

So much for WoW. Until this point, I've been okay with Blizzard's family friendliness, but that's going too far. On the plus side, Heart of the Swarm looks fantastic.
What is up with people using Kung Fu Panda as a putdown for MOP? IMO, it's one of the best family movies in the past half-decade (discounting Pixar, obviously), so that's a strong compliment!
Can't speak for anyone else, but my derision is less about Kung Fu Panda than it is about Blizzard forsaking Warcraft's own unique identity in order to emulate someone else.

For example, you might like Star Trek, and you might like NCIS, but would you really like to see Star Trek give up the space ships and become a crime drama?

We have a voodoo culture (which, admittedly, I hate), space travelers, a medieval fantasy culture, a steampunk culture, a hyper-advance magipunk culture, and more.

How do Chinese Pandas not fit in with Space Goats, cow people, and Werewolves?
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