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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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It's not that often that you get that combination along with him remaining single. IRL there'd at least be every kind of rumor about his sex life in the tabloids all the time. In real, real life just about anyone in his situation is married, often has been more than once, and women are fucking him on the side anyway.

Bruce Wayne is as plausible as Clark Kent.
A few years ago they did a sub-plot where a social worker was trying to work out what actually happened to Jason Todd and thought that something funny had gone on. He and his partner go to Wayne Manor and Bruce answers the door in his dressing gown and behind him is a young asian girl who can barely speak engish (Batgirl of course), also in a dressing gown - confirming to the social worker that he's a sleeze...


In one of the Robin miniseries, they had this tiny b plot running in the background, that social services was asking questions about why his ward/special-friend Tim Drake was covered in new bruises every morning.

It was far more intriguing than whatever the guts of that series was about, but never the less DC probably didn't want to write a how to manual for children to cleverly hide abuse from the prying eyes of the man.
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