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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 4

Day 5, 1500 hours

It was mid afternoon in Ops, and halfway through the second shift, Kira stood rigidly by her console. She felt like smashing her fist through it as her console was acting up, the screen was flickering, and she had no idea why. This was starting to really annoy her, and she decided to ask Ensign Farak for help. “Ensign Farak could you check the power relays, my console seems to be depleting power.”

Farak was responsible for keeping all the consoles and monitors functioning in Ops, if anyone could sort this out he could. He walked over to Kira, his eyes fixed on the malfunctioning console. “It shouldn't be something to serious.”

“When did you last-” Kira stopped talking as she felt something implanted on her left arm. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Max dashing towards Farak. She looked at Farak, and he was pressing some sort of device on the palm of his right hand.

“What are you do-” Kira then dematerialized from Ops.


By the time Kira was gone, Max had restrained Farak and knocked him to the ground. Farak hit his head hard against a step, while Max slapped his comm badge hard. “This is lieutenant commander Max to the captain! Colonel Kira has been kidnapped with a sight-to-sight transporter! Ensign Farak planted the device on Kira, and he’s knocked out. So I think you should bring along doctor Bashir to treat Farak.”

“I’m coming at once!” replied Ezri.

Max checked on Farak who was sprawled across the floor, he was unconscious and had a nasty lump protruding from his forehead. Max was in shock, from the moment he saw Farak planting the transporter device on Kira, he feared the worst. He recognized it as a Starfleet sight-to-sight transport device. This was why he charged at Farak, to stop Farak activating the sight-to-sight transporter.

It was impossible to go into Ops carrying a sight-to-sight transporter, without the security sensors detecting the device. But if the sight-to-sight transporter was inert, there would be no energy for the sensors to detect. Of course to activate the transporter would require a signal, which would come from some minor device.

In a matter of minutes, Odo and Bashir had arrived in Ops. Bashir was huddled over Farak, treating Farak’s head injury. Odo was questioning Max to determine exactly what had transpired in Ops. A turbolift came to a stop, and Ezri walked out, she noticed Max a few metres to her left.

“Report!” said Ezri.

“Ensign Farak planted the sight-to-sight transporter onto Kira,” explained Max. “But by then it was to late, she was gone. I have no idea where she was taken to.”

“What about Farak?” inquired Ezri

Odo walked over to Ezri. “He's unconscious, but doctor Bashir is reviving him.”

“I’ve treated Farak’s concussion,” said Bashir and he took out a hypospray from his medkit. “I'll revive Farak.”

Bashir placed the hypospray to Farak’s neck, and Farak stirred.

Ezri walked over to Farak, and she crouched down. Farak opened his eyes, he looked very drowsy, and he turned his head to look at Ezri.

“Who ordered you to do this?” demanded Ezri.

Farak grinned manically. “It's to late! Your colonel is gone! Your won't get anything out of me!”

Standing up, Ezri gazed disgustedly at Farak. “Constable, I want you to take ensign Farak to a detention cell and continue to question him!”

Two security guards lifted Farak up and restrained him. The security guards, Farak and Odo, proceeded to the turbolift. After Odo had left Ops, Ezri turned around, and her eyes rested on Max.

Max looked away when he saw Ezri glancing at him, he felt so stunned by what had happened, and he didn't his captain to see this. He returned to his station and fixed his gaze on a console.

As Max heard Ezri's footsteps, he turned around on his chair to look at Ezri. “I can't believe what has happened! If I had been faster...”

Ezri placed a hand on Max’s shoulder to comfort him. “We'll find Kira, trust me Max we will.”


Kira materialized in a dimly-lit underground cave. The walls were damp and very close to Kira, and looking down the corridor all she saw was a shroud of blackness. She felt slightly worried, and she squinted her eyes to make out the unformed shapes inside the cave. “Who's there?” she asked.

The illumination increased via lighting on the cave’s walls, bright optical cables ran the length of the corridor. Towards the end of the corridor was an opening, and Kira could see various metal containers of differing size. She then saw someone step out of the shadows, and this person was a Bajoran man in military uniform and his insignia indicated that he was a colonel.

The man was flanked by two Bajoran guards, and the man stopped one metre away from Kira. “I am colonel Corel, welcome Kira to the Reformation movement!”

“I've never heard of it,” said Kira, pretending to be nonplussed.

Corel smiled slightly as if expecting that response. “Of course not, but both you and I believe in the same thing; making Bajor strong and independent again.”

Kira realised that the Reformation movement must have sent her the death threat she received two days ago. “And does that include kidnapping vedeks and killing your own comrades?”

“Our society needs to be purged of elements that are holding Bajor back.”

Inwardly Kira was seething, if it weren’t for the guards she would have punched Corel senseless. For Corel was a dissident going against his own government and people, and this was absolutely deplorable in Kira’s eyes.

Kira decided to cut Corel down to size, with a few well chosen words. “Well colonel the thing that held Bajor back was factional infighting! Your doing the same thing, making the same mistakes of old-”

“Is that so colonel?” said a voice coming from the darkness.

Another man stepped from the shadows, it was admiral Tamar.

Kira could not believe it, was he the leader of the Reformation movement? “Admiral?” she said disbelievingly. “But why help these insurgents?”

“Just think colonel, what is the bedrock of Bajoran culture?” asked Tamar.

The answer came to Kira’s lips immediately. “Why the Prophets of course!”

Tamar seemed to scowl at the mention of the Prophets. “And what if I said to you that the Prophets have deliberately held us back and did nothing to stop the Bajoran occupation?”

“We don't know the way of the Prophets. We shouldn't doubt their intentions, and besides we've gotten this far,” said Kira wisely.

Anger exploded onto Tamar’s face. “Far to slowly and at the cost of fifty million Bajoran lives!” he said heatedly. “That's the price Bajor has paid for blindly following the Prophets! We should have been building warships instead of wasting time making works of art and praying to the Prophets! It's this Prophet worship that has blinded us and held Bajor back terribly. I believe we should protect Bajor, not with dozens of warships but with thousands! The Cardassians wouldn't dare attack Bajor! Once more Bajor would become a mighty civilization and-”

Kira realised that Tamar was insane, and she cut straight through Tamar’s rant. “You can't remove Bajor's culture Tamar! It is the thing that defines us as Bajorans! The Prophets have given us something unique, we should be proud and glad of our identity! Yes, you could interpret from the Prophet's actions that they ignored Bajor during the Cardassian occupation. Those were 65 terrible years, but look what came afterwards! The Federation came and helped to restore our civilization! Now Bajor is once more a prosperous place, such is the path that the Prophets have laid down for us!”

“It is unbearable that we had to bow and scrape before the Federation!” replied Tamar bitterly, and his face was contorted with rage and disgust. “The Prophets have abandoned us Kira, and I'm asking you to join our movement! Otherwise, you and your family will be killed.”

“Just because I got in your way?” said Kira angrily.

“It's for the purification of Bajor. You've got a choice Kira, and I say you should pick the winning side.”

Had Kira been younger she would have defiantly said ‘no’ to Tamar, but Kira was wiser and smarter now. Being a martyr would not help anyone. She had to talk her way out of this situation, by feigning interest in Tamar’s movement. “Are you saying myself and my family will be protected if I join you?”

“Yes,” said Tamar nodding.

Kira forced her face to appear interested, and swayed, by Tamar’s words. “Whatever Bajor will become I want it to be a safe place for my family... But if I join, what do you want from me?”

Tamar came slightly closer to Kira, and gave her a rather penetrating look, as to truly determine where her loyalties were. “When the time comes Kira I'll be needing people like you to capture strategic locations, in this case DS9. You are popular amongst the Bajoran crew of that station. If you can persuade enough of them to follow you, then it would be possible to take over DS9.”

Tamar seemed to be testing Kira’s interest in his organization, and Kira realised she would need to use more than words to convince Tamar. “If you want to take over DS9, then knowing the command codes for DS9's defences would be helpful. I can give you DS9's command codes, but in exchange, I want your word that you will not harm my family!”

Briefly Tamar considered Kira's offer, and his face didn't give away anything. “By giving me DS9's command codes you will be in effect joining the Reformation Movement.”

“I know, but all I care about is my family. As long as they are safe, then you will have my full support.

Tamar nodded. “Agreed.”

“If I may?” Kira pointed to a computer terminal down the corridor.

Tamar nodded and the group went down the corridor, coming to a stop at the computer terminal. Kira was going to give Tamar the access codes to DS9’s defences, but hopefully he would not ask for the backup access codes. “My access code has enough clearance to neutralize nearly all DS9's computer defences.”

“Fine, use your access code,” said Tamar.

“This will take a few minutes,” she said, while she concentrated on one of the console's screens.

She had to create a link between the computer terminal and DS9’s computer. Complicating this task were DS9’s computer firewalls. At all cost she had to avoid their traps, or she would be blocked from accessing DS9's computer. After a few minutes, Kira managed to access DS9’s tactical specifications and the relevant command codes. Kira stood back to let Tamar view her work. “There you go; access to shields and the weapons complement. I can't access the Defiant's command controls, but DS9's tactical controls are at your disposal.”

Tamar went over to the terminal and checked the specifications. Here was the moment of truth. If Tamar knew about the backup access codes, and he discovered that Kira had not downloaded them. Then Kira's attempt at deceiving Tamar would be revealed, and she would be killed. She held her breath, praying to the Prophets that Tamar was not aware of the backup access codes.

Finally Tamar smiled in a satisfied way, and he turned to face Kira. “Very good colonel! Had these tactical control specifications been fake you would have been killed. But no these are the proper DS9 tactical control specs! Very well then! Colonel Corel transport Kira back over to DS9. Sometime tomorrow Kira I will be contacting you, to discuss how you could take over DS9 when the coup starts.”

“I look forward to talking to you again admiral,” said Kira in an expressionless voice. It seemed she had Tamar's trust, and the moment she was transported onto DS9, she would make Tamar regret ever trusting her again.

Kira proceeded to leave, while Corel looked suspiciously at Kira but he let her past.

“And Kira,” said Tamar.

Turning around Kira looked straight into Tamar's eyes, and she kept her face as mask-like as possible. “Yes?” she inquired.

“Welcome to the Reformation movement!”

Tamar was smiling at Kira and reluctantly she briefly returned his smile. She then walked back down the corridor, Corel and the guards escorted Kira to a transporter room deep inside the caves. She had just managed to talk her way to freedom...


Day 5, 1630 hours

Inside Tamar’s office, in the Bajoran military academy, Tamar and Corel were both arguing about Kira and the timing of the coup. The two were on opposite ends of Tamar's desk, facing each other off.

“How can we trust Kira?” asked Corel angrily.

“We can’t I suppose,” replied Tamar.

Corel turned away from Tamar and looked furious, before turning to confront Tamar. “She could be already telling the Starfleet commander of DS9 everything about our organization!”

Tamar shrugged. “It does not matter, she's given me DS9's command codes. By the time Starfleet realizes what has happened, Bajor will be under the movement’s control.”

“Are you sure the contacts in the military are reliable? We don’t want them to bottle out at the last minute just before the coup takes place.”

That was a possibility that worried Tamar, but he quickly composed himself, he didn't want Corel to see any weakness on his part. “They wouldn’t switch sides at the last minute. Not only have I bribed them, but I’ve made pretty clear to them that more money and power will be their reward should the coup succeed!”

Corel still did not look convinced. “We are rushing the preparations for the coup.”

Now Corel was beginning to really annoy Tamar, why did his right-hand man have to question every nuance of the coup when he had thought it all through? “If we delay any longer, Starfleet will start snooping around, and the Reformation movement will be discovered! No, we go ahead with the coup!”

Still Corel did not look satisfied. “And what about Kira?”

“We do nothing, not yet. More than likely Kira will try to evacuate her children from DS9 and send them to a Federation starbase. She will use a Starfleet ship, probably a runabout, to send her children to safety. I want you Corel to send out three of our fighters to covertly scan DS9. If a runabout leaves the station, and it has two Bajoran/shapeshifter life signs, then intercept the runabout and destroy it.”

“By killing her children, Kira will go after your head!” exclaimed Corel, he looked a little surprised by Tamar's order.

“Kira has served her purpose,” replied Tamar blandly, “when the coup succeeds I want her captured alive.”

Corel seemed satisfied with Tamar's decision about Kira, with a nod he walked out of the office.

Tamar walked around the desk and looked out of the window. Very soon the coup would start, and Bajor would be transformed... Shakaar would more than likely be captured as Tamar knew that Shakaar would never abandon Bajor. When the coup finally succeeded, Tamar would be the leader of this new Bajor. His first priority would be to kill Shakaar, and call for new government elections. By rigging the elections, Tamar and his Reformation members, would be part of the government. But Bajor didn't need a democracy, what it needed was an autocracy.

As for Kira, Tamar was determined to convince her to join the Reformation Movement. He needed people like Kira to control the Bajoran military. Ultimately, if she still refused to join, he was going to make an example out of Kira. Tamar knew that Kira was well known and popular on Bajor, for her bravery, heroism and honesty. Whether she realised it or not, Kira was of leadership material. Kira could rally the Bajoran people, and the common Bajoran soldier, against the Reformation movement and Tamar.

Tamar realised that if he couldn't persuade Kira, he would have to either exile or execute Kira. Tamar visualized Kira's execution, it would have to be something slow and horrific. Something that would frighten anybody thinking about revolting against the new order... On the other hand, Tamar toyed with the idea of exiling Kira from her homeworld. Yes, he thought, perhaps that was better.

Once Kira was exiled she couldn't do anything to stop Tamar from carrying out his plans. By exiling Kira, she would not become a martyr, and Bajorans would not rally around her. Kira would spend the rest of her life lamenting over Bajor's new order.
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