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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Shurik wrote: View Post
If Juice is really dead, Roosevelt is going to turn on the FBI guy.
I'm not sure. Roosevelt was OK with blackmailing Juice into stealing cocaine, which would have got him killed were he discovered. He also went with the fake arrest, which probably was the thing that finally drove Juice to suicide.
Roosevelt was very conflicted about his role in all that. And he's a black man, using another (part) black man's fears about bigotry to coerce him, which has now possibly led to his suicide. I can't see Roosevelt being okay with that.

The Master of Tarquin Hill wrote: View Post
Shurik wrote: View Post
I hope Juice survives. I like his character and I also hope he gets the chance to face the club's racist bullshit.
This might happen. Even if it does, it will still be muddied by the fact that he was a half-assed snitch. I don't want the confrontation about racism to be sullied by snitch bullshit.
I'm totally on Juice's side in this one. His fears of the club's racism are apparently not just inventions of his own fears and lack of self-confidence. That was confirmed by Chibs' reaction to Juice asking about the rules - "hey, we have to follow the rules because they are the rules" - ergh, that doesn't communicate a great deal of open mindedness, and coming from one of the more sensible club members.

Juice is really guilty only of not having enough self-worth to confront the club on their bullshit and determine just how racist they really are. He might have discovered that nobody has any problem with him at all. At worst, they would have booted him out of the club, but does he really want to be a member of a club like that? Only if he's insecure and needs to have the ego boost, which apparently was the case. It's a common human failing and shouldn't have to be a fatal one.
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