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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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It could be a first Cylon war movie. Or maybe it's a remake but in the sense of "all this has happened before" and it's the next cycle, or something. Or maybe he just means it will be very different from both series so as to not step on any toes, but just it's own thing.
My God that was exactly my intepretation as well, right down to 'the next cycle' in the neverending story. In fact I wondered once whether or not TOS BSG could have been just that.
Perhaps TOS could be a sequel to nuBSG (obviously not the reverse, because of the time differential).

Meaning: After the events of nuBSG, the Cylons went back and rebuilt the colonies - repopulated them, rebuilt all the cities, everything. So much time has gone by that these new colonists literally forgot that they are Cylons and believe they are human; the events of TOS are a result of this. So in that sense, every BSG-TOS character is a humanoid Cylon.
I actually had similar thoughts. And this approach would legitimize Galactica 1980 by explaining how the fleet could find Earth and have the 13th tribe be less advanced than the other 12. It never made sense to me how a group of peole could leave Kobol in warp capable starships and their descendants thousands of years later do not have that technology. And of course, we know it was just shitty writing, but if you add New Galactica to the mix, Bill Adama's fleet discarding their technology and starting over, would make 1980 make sense.
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