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Re: Star Trek Poster for a graphic design class

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Hi everyone. I'm a big Trek fan from way back (I was always very partial to DS9), and I made this poster for one of my graphic design classes, and I thought I'd see what other fans thought. Since J.J.'s Star Trek has been compared so many times to the original Star Wars film, it inspired the following image. =)

(Sorry it's so small. Photobucket seems to have reduced its size for their site!)
The "Big 3" needs to be Kirk, Spock and McCoy, not Kirk, Spock and Uhura.

Try finding a more flattering picture of Pike, he looks too frail in that head shot for some reason.

Replace Scotty's love-creature with Sulu (who is noticeably absent)

Add a picture of Vulcan being destroyed.

That should do it for now.
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