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Re: Facts About Colm Meaney!

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Have you ever seen Ellison and Meany in the same photograph?!

Sir Rhosis
Compelling evidence, I agree.

(Little-known) FACT: Colm Meaney is the love child of John F Kennedy and Mother Theresa

FACT: Colm Meaney still holds the record for the highest-grossing album of spoken-word versions of Broadway show tunes ever released.

FACT: Colm Meaney can turn wine into water, using only his own kidneys.

FACT: Originally, the film Star Trek: Nemesis was intended to feature Picard and co fighting against a Romulan clone of Chief O'Brien...until Colm Meaney accurately pointed out that in this scenario there was no way the Enterprise crew could possibly win without it looking like a cop-out.

FACT: Plus the O'Brien wig he had to wear, hand-crafted from solid brass wire, made actor Tom Hardy come out in an unsightly scalp-rash.
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