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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

There is no reason why most of the books couldn't continue with their 52 verse creative teams attached to them but still part of the previous continuity. Imagine Geoff Johns and Jim Lee on the Justice League rebuilding the big seven? He could still promote Vic up from the Titans. Sales on these books will eventually drop as soon as fan curiosity starts to dwindle on them. In terms of Superman I would have had Paul Cornell continue on Action Comics while giving Grant the opportunity to do his "All-Star Superman: Year One" as a prequel to All Star Superman. Would have Chris Roberson continue on "Superman" proceeding with a brand new story arc after "Grounded".

I dunno. I still feel like this was done as a sales grab and there was no real reason to relaunch a lot of the books. Again I am not saying that I don't like some of the books and their creative teams because I think I have been pretty clear about what I have liked so far. I am just being critical of the notion of the relaunch in general. Perhaps the sales figures in coming months will prove me wrong...Marvel has some pretty cool stuff on the horizon for November and beyond so hopefully they'll start challenging the New 52 a little more stronger.
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