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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Kreepy Kes wrote: View Post
I bought jeans online because I know my size at that store, and I bought a dress and some lounge/sleepwear on a whim as well. They turned out to be shockingly flattering! Thinking about going back for more, considering they're having a sale on top of the already reduced price.

It's such a pleasant surprise when clothes look better than expected on you.

antichristhill wrote: View Post
I think I will get my sister some satin pajamas for her birthday. With the divorce and three kids, she deserves a little luxury.
Sorry to hear she's going through a rough time. My sis and I bought some luxe type pjs for a friend once and they are her favorite even now, years later. I'm sure your sis will appreciate your present.
Actually, things are looking up for her. She's dating someone who is treating her really, really well. The only problem is her douche-bag ex won't file the final divorce papers, even though he was the one who ended the marriage.
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