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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

EJO's also said this on the subject:
Edward James Olmos wrote:
All you have to do is put in Blade Runner after it finishes and it's 2019. The direct descendant of Adama is Gaff. It's true! They even look alike! It just happened that that was destiny. Something that was made in 1980, that was relatively hated when it came out then became beloved to the point of becoming a classic and is arguably now known as the number one science fiction movie of all time. Here we are thirty years later and all of the sudden a television show comes out and goes into that world of real drama. Inside a futuristic template and it so happens that I play one of the characters in this program. The connection is uncanny! Of course Ron's (Moore) going to say "no, I wasn't even thinking of it," and he wasn't thinking lets connect to this Blade Runner. He wanted to stand alone with his work but it gave both pieces an unbelievable connection! The genetic structure of Gaff and Adama. Gaff Adama!
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