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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

For Farscape and B5 to be turned into a Transformers type spectacle would strip them of everything that made them worthwhile in the first place. Of course I could always boycott the resulting travesty but I'm happier knowing it's very unlikely to happen in the first place.
A simpler question is what space operas do not lend themselves well to film.
I'm sure most if not all of them lend themselves to being filmed in some way. I was talking about the way this BSG movie is likely to end up: like Transformers.

I can't see them being in continuity with Ron Moore's series while simuntaneously recasting Adama unless it's some kind of Cylon War movie (which naturally I doubt), so some kind of alternate universe nod similar to Star Trek's reboot, as mentioned, seems the most probable genuflection to nuBSG.
Nobody should get their hopes up about any genuflections. nuBSG will be roundly ignored. This isn't an Abrams-Trek situation. They won't in alternative universes, they will be two stories that share the same name and some characters' and ships' proper names and have nothing else to do with each other.

Lance Reddick for Tigh?
Adama will be played by some old guy, but the rest of the cast is going to need to skew hot & young. Lance Reddick is no box office draw.
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