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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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You need that big disco-ball thing that was in an animated series episode ("Practical Joker", I think?) that started shooting phaser blasts at the bridge crew when some entity took over the computer. Why you would have such a thing on a ship's bridge is beyond my ability to comprehend, but it was there!
"Beyond the Farthest Star", actually, the episode that debuted the series (at least on the east coast). The hardware should have served as an intruder defense system, stunning (or in a worst case scenario, killing) any unauthorized person entering the bridge. Imagine how many threats could have been averted? (Of course, a "properly working" device like that would eliminate a lot of plot potential.) But as we saw, the turret was hacked, resulting in Kirk himself getting phasered in the back (in Alan Dean Foster's novelization, the injuries suffered were 2nd dgree burns, and 3rd egree burns upon his palms when the entity reaimed the device to superheat the console, hoping the burns would have forced Kirk to release the controls.) I suspect Kirk instructed enginnering to tear that #$%^ thing outa' the ceiling afterwards.


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