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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

I can't see them being in continuity with Ron Moore's series while simuntaneously recasting Adama unless it's some kind of Cylon War movie (which naturally I doubt), so some kind of alternate universe nod similar to Star Trek's reboot, as mentioned, seems the most probable genuflection to nuBSG.

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There are plenty of other TV properties that have been away long enough that doing new movie versions now would seem like fresh ideas. Babylon 5 and Farscape come immediately to mind.
Neither of those lend themselves as well to the mindless us-vs-them blow-em up spectacle that this movie no doubt will be, because that's what sells.
Honestly, they both do. Farscape has an evil interstellar empire who is hunting down the escaped convict 'heroes', reasons changigng but the most important one being that they're in the possession of a McGuffin - here, wormholes, although another franchise had something called Death Star plans...

Honestly that's a premise ripe for exploitation as a Star Wars like spectacle.

And Babylon 5's overarc is basically an ancient evil returning to space, with strong overtones of Lord of the Rings. It plays around with the idea later, but a coming-of-the-shadows type film would huge deadly spaceships could be similarly filmable.

Honestly? A simpler question is what space operas do not lend themselves well to film. Most all can quickly use the Star Wars formula, in many cases - specfically oldBSG, obviously - because they're using that formula already.

And it would be far more grotesque to see B5 or Farscape treated that way; I don't give a flip about the original BSG so they can do whatever they like with it.
This is true. I have no real investment in the old BSG so I can approach a new remake of it open-minded, but a film that trashed say Farscape would bother me a little more.

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You can probably bet on the oldBSG theme being used.

Who ought to play Adama? Someone elsewhere mentioned suggested Liam Neeson.
Works for me. Lance Reddick for Tigh?
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