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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Thing is, BSG is about the last remnants of humanity fleeing for their lives after their homeworlds are obliterated. That's not exactly a cheerful topic. It's supposed to be dark and depressing.
There are ways to do that topic that aren't as self-flagellating as RDM's version - more us vs. them and straightforwardly vengeful. That kind of simple approach is going to be necessary to a big-budget summer popcorn flick anyway.

There are plenty of other TV properties that have been away long enough that doing new movie versions now would seem like fresh ideas. Babylon 5 and Farscape come immediately to mind.
Neither of those lend themselves as well to the mindless us-vs-them blow-em up spectacle that this movie no doubt will be, because that's what sells. And it would be far more grotesque to see B5 or Farscape treated that way; I don't give a flip about the original BSG so they can do whatever they like with it.

I wonder if Starbuck's still going to be a girl?
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