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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 3, part 2

Day 4, 0800 hours

Outside of Dolsur's quarters there was a steady coming and going of people. Inside the quarters was Dolsur's dead body, Bashir and Odo were already inside gathering evidence.

When Ezri and Kira entered the quarters, they paused briefly to look at the body. There was Dolsur in his civilian clothing, and he was spread out over a fallen chair. A single phaser wound resided on his chest, while there was a look of surprise which was frozen on his face.

Ezri looked grimly at the body, after a beat she turned to face Odo. “Well constable?”

Odo walked over to Ezri. “When major Dolsur didn't turn up for duty, one of my security officers investigated his quarters and found Dolsur's body. It was clearly murder, a single Bajoran disruptor shot to the chest. He probably died instantly.”

Ezri turned to address Kira. “Did Major Dolsur have any enemies, people he didn't like?”

“No he was a popular major, honest and loyal to Bajor. I can see why he was killed,” said Kira, who was looking sadly at Dolsur.

“By some sort of dissident movement inside the military?” inquired Ezri.

Odo briefly glanced at Dolsur, before returning his attention to Ezri. “I'm not sure, whoever killed major Dolsur didn't leave any clues behind. There was no struggle or commotion. From how the body is laid I say Dolsur was shot, and he didn't have any time to defend himself, and the force of the blow toppled him and the chair he was sitting right over.”

Now anger was replacing the sadness on Kira’s face. “It seems that Dolsur was having a conversation with a person, and then suddenly whoever Dolsur was talking to took out a disruptor and killed him in cold blood.”

Ezri took one last glance at Dolsur. “Constable I'll let you and your men search for clues.” Ezri then glanced sharply at Kira. “Colonel we need to talk, alone.”

While Odo returned to analyse Dolsur’s room, Ezri walked out of the room and was closely followed by Kira who was appeared apprehensive for some reason.


Day 4, 0810 hours

Inside her office Ezri came to a stop by her desk, and turned to look inquisitively at Kira. “Kira, what's going on here?”

Kira stood rigidly, she could not look at Ezri because she knew this was going to be an awkward conversation. “Well you should know, the Federation doesn't miss much when it comes to Bajor.”

“You know I thought I made the right choice sending that partition, but it seems I'm missing half the picture.” Ezri was silently fuming, and she was silent, waiting for Kira to answer. “What's the connection Kira?” she demanded. “First vedeks have been abducted, and now Bajoran majors are being murdered!”

Only after Ezri’s unpleasant words did Kira decide to look Ezri in the eye. “Dax I need your help,” she said, giving Ezri an imploring look.

Ezri remained silent, and Kira continued on slightly nervously. “I'm not sure if you know this, but I'm conducting a Bajoran government investigation into Bajor's military, and I've discovered disturbing evidence.”

“Such as?” inquired Ezri, and her eyes were narrowed in suspicion.

“Corruption, that is the root of the problem. Certain members of the military are also trying to silence the vedeks.”

“Do you mean kill them?” said Ezri who sounded astonished.

Once more Kira turned her gaze away from Ezri, she wasn't sure what to say to Ezri without awkward questions being asked. “I'm not sure about that, but I've seen a recording of the abductors, and it seems-”

“Sorry are you saying there is evidence which the Federation hasn't been informed about?”

There was an ominous tone to Ezri’s voice and Kira instantly regretted keeping Ezri in the dark. “The point is one of the kidnappers had his face hidden by an electromagnetic field, which means that he was either a colonel or possibly an admiral.”

“Where did you find this out?” demanded Ezri.

“I can't tell you,” said Kira.

She looked resolutely into Ezri’s eyes, she wouldn't implicate Vedek Talrik in this.

Recognizing Kira’s resolve, Ezri changed tack. “Kira I need to know everything. If you are holding back evidence... Just how did you acquire this recording?”

“I can't tell you, I'm sorry.”

“Damn it colonel!” shouted Ezri, and her cheeks became red with rage. “Bajor is slipping back into anarchy, and you are deliberately obstructing my attempts to remedy the situation.”

Ezri’s anger was matched only by Kira’s own, and she squared up to Ezri. “How dare you say to me that I would try to harm Bajor!” she shouted. “But I can't tell you everything because it would compromise the safety of the people who gave me the evidence!”

There was a brief pause between the two, and it was Ezri who calmed down. “Kira I know you are edgy, but I can't do anything if I'm in the dark about the real state of Bajoran affairs. I know you've received death threats...”

“How do you about know that?” asked Kira heatedly.

“Odo informed me. So anyway Kira what exactly do you want from me?”

“I want Federation involvement to clean up the Bajoran military! If the military has become over ridden with corrupt elements, perhaps insurgents, then...” Kira breathed deeply as she shelved her pride. “Then Bajor would require military assistance from the Federation to prevent a civil war.”

The look on Ezri’s face told Kira it was going to be impossible to convince Ezri.“Unfortunately,” said Ezri, “without any compelling evidence, the Federation government will not consider this situation a top priority. Which is why if you want my help, and my support, you have to fully disclose the evidence you are withholding from me!”

For a brief moment Kira walked away from Ezri. Could she give the data rod without Ezri asking to many questions? “Fine!” she said loudly.

She handed to Ezri the data rod, which had been stowed away in her trouser pocket. “It's a recording from the Koma temple.”

Momentarily Ezri looked surprised at the data rod, while she quickly analysed it. “Very well, I'll have Starfleet analyse this data rod. Hopefully this evidence will convince Starfleet to increase security measures on Bajor.”

Kira scowled as she was already regretting handing to Ezri the data rod. She turned her back on Ezri and proceeded to leave the office.

“One more thing colonel!” said Ezri from behind Kira's back.

Kira was next to the office doorway when she came to a halt. “Yes?”

“Do not hide things from me again,” warned Ezri. “I don't need to remind you that we are working together to protect Bajor. I don't want you keeping secrets from me, have you got that colonel?”

“Yes captain,” said Kira bitterly, and she then left the office.

At that moment, Kira was deeply resentful of both Ezri, and the Federation. They had to stick their big noses into every Bajoran affair. On the other hand, Ezri was only trying to protect Bajor's best interests, or what Ezri thought were Bajor's best interests. But what really bothered Kira was that she had disobeyed Shakaar's order of keeping the investigation quiet. In the process she had destroyed any chance of Bajor leaving the Federation, and self-determining it's own course in an unfettered manner.
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