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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 3, part 1

Day 3, 1900 hours

Inside her quarters, Kira was working intensely as she reviewed a list of credit transactions of Bajoran military personnel. She sat rigidly on the chair, there were padds scattered everywhere on the desk she was using. For over two hours she had been working, and it was a big sacrifice on her part. She had decided to conduct her investigation primarily after her shifts, so as to keep a low profile on the investigation.

It also meant that Ezri had no idea about the investigation, and Kira was determined to keep it this way. If Ezri got wind of the investigation, she might remove the petition for Bajor’s request to leave the Federation. Kira really hoped that the abductions were something minor and just the actions of some small extremist group. Yet the evidence was pointing to something much larger, some sort of systemic corruption in the Bajoran military.

Having Odo going over the records was a major help for Kira. It also allowed her to be more thorough with the investigation. Kira was so focused upon the laptop she did not notice Odo walking up from behind.

“Have you found anything interesting?” asked Odo.

Kira started, she was briefly surprised by Odo's appearance. “No I haven't, but there is definitely evidence of illegal transactions of credits. Whoever was involved has covered their tracks well.”

“We will find something Kira, someone must have slipped up.”

However misplaced Odo’s optimism was, Kira appreciated it none the less. “You're being too optimistic Odo.”

“I was just trying to cheer you up,” said Odo ruefully.

While Odo left the room, Kira focused upon the records with even more concentration. Her attention was diverted by a big mail icon which had appeared on the console screen. This aroused Kira's curiosity, and she tapped upon the icon. The icon changed and the whole screen turned black. A message in red letters then appeared.

“What the?” said Kira in surprise, and she read the message.

If you want your family to live, drop the investigation! We know what you are trying to do Kira, but you cannot stop us. You have two days to comply to our demand. If you refuse to do so, in two days time you will find your daughter's dead body on board DS9!

So shocking was this death threat, that Kira became numb with fear. What if her children had already been abducted? “Odo!” she shouted as if her life depended upon it.

Odo briskly came into the room. “What is it?” he asked urgently.

“It's this,” said Kira and she showed Odo the message. “They're going to kill my children Odo! If Mia and Deru are already dead...”

There was resounding fear in her voice and she couldn't stop her hands from shaking slightly.

However, when Odo had read the message he seemed to relax. He put his hands on both of Kira's shoulders, trying to calm her. “Kira whoever sent the message could be bluffing!”

Kira though wasn't convinced. “How can you be certain?” she demanded, while blinking the tears in her eyes.

“Well...” Odo hesitated, he was trying to find the right words to say.

“Where are our children now?” she demanded.

Cautiously Odo removed his hands from Kira’s shoulders. “In one of Quark's holosuites with Max and Holo, they're doing something called 'skateboarding'.”

Confusion intermingled with Kira’s fear. “What's that?”

“Er... It's an early 21st century Earth sport, where a person rides on a piece of wood supported by metal axles with wheels.”

Relieve showed on Kira’s face, her children were safe. “Sorry I panicked Odo, I just thought that Mia and Deru may have been kidnapped.”

Odo briefly patted her on the shoulder. “We never let our children play out on their own. They're supervised by us or by our friends. But just to reassure you I will double the number of sensor sweeps I conduct and increase the station's security. I swear to you, I will not let anyone harm you or our children.”

“Thank you Odo.”

Kira gave Odo’s hand a brief squeeze and then she let go. As Odo walked out of the room, she remained in her chair breathing deeply. She felt ashamed of her sudden panic attack, though she had never felt so afraid in her life. However, she realised that she was not the aggressive, insanely brave, and risk-taking resistance fighter of 25 years ago. Back then Kira had nothing to lose and she was not afraid to take risks.

Now Kira had two children to protect, and the responsibility was immense. In that moment of fear, she realised just how much she cared for her children. More importantly she would do anything to protect them. For the first time in her life, she understood why her mother became Dukat’s mistress.

Meru was only trying to protect her children. Kira felt a tiny pang of forgiveness for her mother’s actions, though it was a very brief moment of forgiveness. Meru was a Cardassian collaborator and one of Dukat’s mistresses, and for that Kira could never fully forgive her mother.


Day 3, 2100 hours

Major Dolsur was the second highest ranking Bajoran officer on DS9. He was popular amongst the crew for his honesty and his kind nature. After finishing a shift, Dolsur returned to his quarters. To relax he usually read novels from a pad. Right now Dolsur was resting against his chair, and he felt very comfortable and content. When the door chimed, Dolsur placed the padd on a small stand next to his chair. “Come in,” he said, his voice was warm and welcoming.

Ensign Farak who was a Bajoran officer, walked into Dolsur's quarters, and Farak looked very preoccupied.

“Ensign Farak, is there anything I can do for for you?”

“I just want to talk to you about something.”

Farak did not elaborate, and Dolsur wondered why Farak seemed so timid. “Sit down; perhaps you want a cup of Pyrellian ginger tea?” he offered.

“No thanks,” said Farak, and he briefly hold up his hand.

The two men sat down facing each other, Dolsur returned to the chair he had vacated. Dolsur looked at Farak carefully, for some reason Farak seemed brooding and nervous.

After a brief period of silence, Farak spoke up. “I've come to you because I'm thinking of resigning from my post.” Farak lowered his head slightly; he seemed to be embarrassed by talking to Dolsur. “I was thinking of taking this matter up with Kira, but I didn't want to disturb her.”

“Why do you want to resign?” asked Dolsur gently. “Personally I think you are a suburb engineer.”

Farak clasped his hands together in a nervous gesture. “I'm resigning because of... political beliefs.”

Dolsur thought that this was a very odd reason for resigning, and he frowned slightly at Farak. “What sort of political beliefs are you talking about?”

When Farak looked directly at Dolsur, he seemed strangely different, there was now confidence in Farak's eyes. “I’m talking about Bajoran sovereignty, a Bajor that controls its own destiny.”

Dolsur thought this sounded disturbingly like the mantra of extremist groups 25 years ago. “I don't understand. The petition that captain Dax sent to the Federation means that Bajoran sovereignty becomes a real possibility!”

A look of anger contorted Farak’s face, he seemed disgusted by the very mention of the Federation. “Even if that were to happen, Bajor would still be dependent upon the Federation for its protection!”

“So what are you saying?” asked Dolsur tensely.

“Imagine a Bajor that could properly defend itself. There would be hundreds of warships, thousands of orbital defence pods above Bajor, and major shipyards orbiting around Bajor's moons! With defences like that, nobody would dare to attack Bajor!”

Dolsur was surprised by how passionate Farak sounded. “You’re probably right there,” he said reluctantly. “But with all of those armaments, the government would have to spend a considerable amount increasing the military budget. This would be to the great detriment of Bajor's culture and society!”

“Who said anything about Bajor's culture?” said Farak impatiently. “What is important is Bajor's economic and military strength. Do you really think that Bajor's culture alone is enough to stop it's enemies from attacking us?”

Now Dolsur started to feel sorry for Farak, for Farak was deluding himself if he believed Bajor would ignore it's own culture. “Are you saying that Bajor should turn into an industrious place? Where money and power, become the main elements of Bajoran society? I'm sorry, but that would never happen!”

Dolsur's stern rebuke did nothing to dampen Farak's passion. “I expected you to say that, you place great faith in the Prophets?”

“The Prophets have guided Bajor this far, and we are still in one piece. Bajor has recovered from the ravages of the Cardassian occupation and still retained its cultural identity!”

However Farak shook his head, and a rather dark expression appeared on his face. “What if I told you Bajor doesn't need the Prophets?”

Dolsur was shocked by that remark, and he was now deeply regretted talking to Farak. “But the Prophets form the bedrock of Bajor's culture!” he exclaimed. “Without our culture a crucial part of every Bajoran would be lost!”

The dark look on Farak’s face was replaced with an apprising expression. “So you firmly believe in the vedek assembly and Bajor's various religious orders?”

“Of course I do, I-.” Dolsur paused, as a terrible idea had occurred to him. “Wait, are you saying to get rid of all of that?”

Farak gazed intensely into Dolsur's eyes, it seemed as if Farak was weighing Dolsur up. “Listen Dolsur I wouldn't be having this conversation if I didn't think you were a suitable candidate for membership in the Reformation Movement!”

“What is the Reformation Movement?”

“The Reformation Movement is an organisation inside the military, that is working towards Bajoran sovereignty and the transformation of Bajoran society. The movement believes in a strong Bajor, self-sufficient and well-defended. More importantly, the fundamental believe inside the movement, is that Bajor does not the Prophets for it's survival.”

A deep sense of unease filled Dolsur, he didn't like the sound of this Reformation Movement. “Are you saying that if you believe in the Prophets you can't join the Reformation Movement?”

Farak looked slightly uncomfortable, he seemed to sense Dolsur’s hidden anger. “Not necessarily, while the movement intends to preserve Bajor's religious order, it is preferable not to believe in the Prophets.”

“Sounds to me like pious people aren't welcome in this-” Dolsur paused, now he was finally making sense of everything that Farak had told him.

“Wait!” he exclaimed in a hushed voice. “You’re trying to remove Bajor's religious order, aren't you? By the Prophets!” Dolsur felt the blood from his very face drain away, as waves of shock crashed through his mind. “Was your organisation responsible for the abduction of the three vedeks in the Koma Temple?”

The tension in the room seemed to increase tenfold, Farak’s hands were tightly gripping the armrests of the chair, and he looked absolutely on edge. “Listen very carefully Dolsur, you have a choice. You can either join-”

Anger built up inside Dolsur, he would not join a criminal organisation. “Absolutely not!” he shouted. “The Reformation Movement is responsible for the abduction of those three vedeks!”

Farak looked angrily at Dolsur. “Yes it was!” he replied heatedly. “But what does it matter?”

Rising from his chair, Dolsur's fists were clenched, he had never felt this angry in a long time. “You're coming with me to station secure-”

Dolsur paused when he saw Farak remove a small phaser from a trouser pocket.

There was a somewhat triumphant look on Farak's face, as he aimed the phaser directly at Dolsur’s chest. “Sit down, before you do something really stupid.”

For a moment, Dolsur considered rushing at Farak. But that wouldn't work, for Farak would simply fire his phaser. Reluctantly and slowly, Dolsur sat down on the chair. “Are you going to kill me?” he asked, and though he sounded calm, his very being was burning with rage.

Farak looked steadily into Dolsur’s eyes. “As I said before, you have a choice. If you join the Reformation Movement, and tell no one what transpired here, I will leave you unharmed. Immediately afterwards we will take a trip to Bajor, so that you can officially join the movement. However, if you do not join the movement, I will kill you, because you already know to much.”

The thought of dying disturbed Dolsur somewhat, but he wouldn't show any fear in front of Farak. “Then I guess you will have to kill me!” he replied defiantly. “Because I am never going to join your little Reformation Movement, for it will destroy everything that Bajor has accomplished over the last 25 years!”

Farak looked purposefully at Dolsur, and he had the look of something who had no reservations about taking another life. “Are you absolutely certain?” said Farak in a chillingly cold voice.

“You're not going to get away with this you know!” exclaimed Dolsur passionately. “You will be caught, and your movement will be exposed!”

In a sudden motion, Farak stood up, and his whole face was livid with anger. “Nothing can stop the movement, not even your death!”

Before Dolsur’s very eyes, he saw Farak’s finger pull the trigger on the phaser. He saw the bright flash of olive-green light strike his chest. The phaser beam knocked Dolsur backwards, and hit the chair, overturning it. He landed against his back on the floor with his arms splayed outwards.

Intense pain flared in Dolsur’s chest, for a moment he could almost hear the Prophets calling to him. Raising his head slightly, he looked at his chest. There was a huge crater-like dent in the centre of his chest, and he could feel the blood poring out from his chest. It was a ghastly sight to Dolsur, but that was the last thing he saw as suddenly the darkness consume him...

Farak walked over and looked at Dolsur’s body, there was surprise etched on Dolsur’s face. But there was no remorse or regret in Farak’s eyes for what he did. A moment later Farak walked over to the replicator, it was time to cover his tracks...
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