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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

140. Dumbo (A-)
141. Smiles of a Summer Night (A)
142. The Ides of March (B)
143. Moneyball (A-)
144. A Few Good Men (A+)
145. Some Like It Hot (A+)
146. The Talk of the Town (B-)
147. The Last Picture Show (A-)
148. Attack the Block (B)
149. The Awful Truth (A-)

60% of the way through my Cary Grant box set. This is the earliest film in the collection, released in 1937, which launched Grant's career into the stratosphere and developed his screen persona (supposedly heavily based on the director, Leo McCarey). Grant is paired here with Irene Dunne, a name in the 1930s whose films (other than this one) have largely been forgotten. The film obviously inspired the subsequent (and, I think, superior) His Girl Friday to a large extent, right down to the presence of Ralph Bellamy as the guy who loses out to Grant for the leading lady. It's quite entertaining, and, in contrast to many other films of the genre, allows both halves of the couple to be sociopathically determined to get the other back at times.
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