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DS9 spent a lot of episodes dealing with the ramifications of the wormhole aliens and the religion sprouted and encouraged around them. Idon't feel slighted that this isn't focused on, I found the Kira storyline much more satisfying.
I'm not saying that the episode needed to focus on the discovery of the Celestial Temple, but the fact that the wormhole is mentioned several times in the episode by Bajoran characters, but they don't mention the religious significance of it is very strange. The fact that a Bajoran came up with a plan that involved putting a massive bomb in the wormhole, and another Bajoran that's trying to stop him (and who we find out later is deeply spiritual) doesn't bring it up is beyond weird.

Take In Purgatory's Shadow as a counter-example. When Sisko plans to close of the wormhole, Kira immediately questions what would happen to the Prophets and Sisko assures her that the procedure would do them no harm. That's the way to do it, not to ignore it like Past Prologue did.

Babel (*)

It appears that the novelty of watching DS9 again has worn off.

The episode begins with a sequence showing that O'Brien is overworked and under-appreciated, so he hatches a diabolical scheme to poison everyone on the station as a means of revenge. The episode claims it was an accident, but I have my suspicions. Soon, he starts speaking gibberish, which is par for the course for a Starfleet engineer, but this is apparently a different form of gibberish from normal and he's taken to Dr Bashir who finds out that O'Brien has a special aphasia virus, or something. Turns out that it was planted by a Bajoran doctor (proving that Hippocrates never visited Bajor) as a way of killing Cardassians during the occupation, thus allowing this episode to dodge the TNG-lite penalty.

If this was 1993 and I was watching DS9 for the first time, this episode would have fed into my fears as to the sort of episodes a station-based show would produce. Disease-of-the-week episodes have already been done by TOS and TNG, the only thing new about this story is that the disease makes people talk funny. At least the drunk disease in The Naked Time/Now had some sexy results, watching people speak gibberish for 45 minutes isn't that exciting, as several episode of TNG already proved. Making the disease fatal and adding a countdown timer to when people start dying doesn't make things more interesting, it actually makes things more conventional and boring. The sub-plot about the freighter captain trying to get away and accidentally overloading his engines was a much better way of putting the characters in peril.

There's not as much of the character stuff in this episode either. There's a nice moment where Sisko tries to comfort Jake even though Jake can't understand him. Kira does things in her own style, by kidnapping a guy and infecting him with a deadly illness. The stand-out moments were those between Quark and Odo, which may just be the saving grace of a number of season 1 episodes.

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