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Re: "Ghostbusters" Theatrical Re-Release for Halloween 2011!

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The presentation of the movie was not one that had been digitally enhanced, though it didn't seem to be a film version as there were no film flaws/scratches or that black timing dot in the corner of the screen so this must have been a DVD or digital copy simply projected on the big screen.
There are very, very few usable 35mm prints of Ghostbusters still in circulation. This was a digital projection that was provided to all theaters.

A fairly grainy picture but probably not vastly different than how the movie would've looked on the big screen nearly 30 years ago. I had kind-of wished this was a new digital transfer to promote a BD release.
The grain in the image was about as true to the 35mm print as you can get. I'm not quite sure which film stock Laszlo Kovacs shot the film on, but I'd guess it's Kodak 5293 (200T), which had a relatively high level of grain (as well as kind of a grungy look).

As for a new digital transfer, that was done a few years ago for the Blu-ray Disc release, and it's fucking awful. There's so much DNR that everything is unnaturally smooth, and the contrast and color temperatures were completely boned -- everything is yanked towards a green color, instead of the purple hues of the original print and DVD. (Actually, the transfer was done for the re-release of the DVD, which is when everything went to shit. I'll never give up my original DVD.) Anyway, this projection was about as good as the film will ever look.

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