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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

All they have to do is reveal at the end that the movies took place in our future, get Tricia Helfer to do a cameo hanging around on future earth and people who know the character realize the colonists were descendants of survivors left behind in the last cycle, people who don't know the character just see a blond extra.

Just make sure you don't screw up the dates, don't have characters talking about Kobol 4000 years ago etc., have a priest or someone else tell of two angels, a male and a female one, appearing to a prophet and telling him of the ancient planet Kobol and that there's another tribe of humans on a colony called earth (no mention of the first cycle etc., the angels just did it to introduce the idea of earth into the society) For the longest time this was thought to be nothing but a legend, but a few years before the movie scientists discoverd through DNA that human life did not evolve on Caprica or any other colony. After the colonies are blown up this should be enough to get them to search for Earth, their species has to come from somewhere, so maybe the stories are true, blablabla.

They can still do their own thing, the movie's style can be totally different and still be part of the nuBSG universe, just a few lines of carefully worded exposition and you're set.
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