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Re: "Ghostbusters" Theatrical Re-Release for Halloween 2011!

Just got back from seeing it, good times. Not quite as fun or exciting as Back to the Future was last year, with that movie it was enhanced and more in the theater creating a better theater experience. Although here I did go to a "Fork and Screen" showing which probably didn't draw as large of a crowd as the regular showing would.

The presentation of the movie was not one that had been digitally enhanced, though it didn't seem to be a film version as there were no film flaws/scratches or that black timing dot in the corner of the screen so this must have been a DVD or digital copy simply projected on the big screen. A fairly grainy picture but probably not vastly different than how the movie would've looked on the big screen nearly 30 years ago. I had kind-of wished this was a new digital transfer to promote a BD release.

The movie holds up pretty good still on the big screen, some of the old special effects don't hold up well but they're mostly the ones that never really held up and flaws I knew where there even a kid watching this on VHS (most of the flaws coming with the stop-motion involving the terror dogs whenever they're moving against on-location/set filming.) The post-production effects (the ghosts, the streamers, etc.) look good or at least the flaws in how they're made don't show up.

As is usually the case with watching these movies on the big screen as opposed to a TV-set is noticing some details and things you may have not been fully aware of before, mostly on the expressions of character's faces or back-ground details. In an early scene taking place in the Ghostbuster's college lab I found myself looking at the signs and pieces of equipment laying around the room. The huge backdrop of Central Park outside Dana's apartment (mostly seen after the freed containment ghosts destroy a corner of wall) is still pretty damn impressive. (On that scene the matte/overlay of the Ghostbusters walking around inside the apartment looks better and more like they're walking inside a room, on TV it always looked to me like they were walking around in a completely destroyed room with no roof, on the big screen it's more clear just the wall(s) are missing.)

The story and performances are all classics in their own right, most notably Bill Murray's antics as Peter Venkman, and Sigourney Weaver showcases some fabulous legs many times after being turned into the Gatekeeper.

All and all a fun time in the theater in spite of the smaller crowd and the slightly grainy picture. There's one last showing next Thursday, if one is playing in your area and you're a fan of this movie I recommend it. Nothing beats seeing these childhood favorites on the big screen possibly for your first time.
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