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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Well life is going to get a bit more interesting around here.

Wouldn't it be funny if the movie were successful enough to spawn a TV series based on it? I wouldn't turn up my nose at it. I love Ron Moore, but I love space opera on TV more.

The nuBSG fans have to accept that our show is more or less done. We may get some drips and drabs here and there, but nothing much more of meaning.
Yeah they had their shot with Caprica, they blew it, time to move onto other things.
The oldBSG fans really, honestly, need to accept that nothing new will ever come from the old show.
Mmmm, I wonder about that. Abrams' brought back the spirit of TOS pretty effectively, without catering only to old fans. This BSG movie could do the same. Since I have no very strong opinions about what oldBSG should or shouldn't be, I'll be happy as long as it doesn't suck in the general sense.

I've thought for a while now that there's a market - in movies and on cable TV - for a kick-ass, adrenaline-pumped military space series that doesn't indulge in excessive naval-gazing and to the extent that it has any political leanings at all, leans rightwards. So if this new movie adopts that approach, they could have a surprising hit on their hands and maybe even a revived franchise.
Ron Moore's BSG was very good, but, at times was rather depressing, so, I wouldn't want to see another go at BSG so dark. If this does come off (and especially if it really takes off) I'd like to see it a bit lighter in tone than Ron Moore's.

If it's based on the original, as it appears they want to do, that would likely mean no Skin Jobs and maybe even the Lizard Aliens and Lucifer type models
Thing is, BSG is about the last remnants of humanity fleeing for their lives after their homeworlds are obliterated. That's not exactly a cheerful topic. It's supposed to be dark and depressing. And while nuBSG at times got a bit too dreary, it felt much more natural than "Our homes have just been destroyed and our loved ones slaughtered. Let's hit the Space Casino."

As a summer blockbuster, I don't expect Singer's BSG to be dark and depressing. But I hope they avoid being that ridiculous. Likely we'll start off with the attack on the Colonies being one massive CG battle sequence. Battlestars getting blown up good, orbital bombardments, Cylons saying "By your command." All that sexy stuff.
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