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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Most definitely. One of the worst offenders in that camp is Homeward - where they literally sit back and watch as an entire civilization is extinguished and then treat the guest (who's even a Human) like he's scum for saving a few of the people. All of it is done under the justification that interference would have changed their culture. So, in other words, if it's a choice between a different culture and death, the lofty Federation will choose death for you and don't you dare question that wisdom.

Thank God they were willing to explore issues more fully on DS9.
Seconded. Or thirded, or whatever it is at this point

I had an occasion to watch Homeward recently, and it's almost shocking really, the extent to which the characters (and, apparently, the writers) are dominated by dogmatic thinking in that episode. It's really awkward and embarrassing.

A Man Alone is ok in parts. Like a lot of season 1, there's some good character material, but the show has no mojo yet. There's no real direction after Past Prologue until the writers get back to Kira and the Bajoran material late in the season.
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