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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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You know TheGodBen, every episode you review I'm watching!
I apologise in advance for reviewing If Wishes Were Horses.
Making Ln X watch If Wishes Were Horses isn't as horrible as the time you made me watch Soul Hunter and Infection.

Some people think that focusing on the relationships of the characters somehow makes a show a soap opera, but if that were true then shows like The Sopranos and Mad Men would also be considered soap operas, which they are certainly not.
Another show I've heard described as a "soap opera for men" because it focuses on relationships and has continuing storylines is HBO's Oz. That show is clearly NOT a soap opera! Unless you think daytime television does things like show full frontal male nudity, graphic depictions of prison rape, homosexual intercourse and massive amounts of violence (to name a few things). Just goes to show that most people think serial = soap opera.
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