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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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But the bigger missed opportunity was this line from Sisko that almost felt out of place in this plot:

THE SISKO: Do not condemn this man because he is different from you!
I heard that line and realised that this episode missed the perfect chance to explore the prejudice and fear that solids have towards Changelings. We know that the Dominion were founded out of the resentment the Changelings felt about the persecution they suffered from solids, and this episode presented the perfect opportunity for Odo to face the same sort of persecution that they faced. It would have fleshed out the Founders and helped us to understand where they are coming from, instead we only get a little bit of anti-shapeshifter talk before it's all brushed under the rug with the Scooby-Doo ending.
I think the obvious answer to this problem is that TPTB didn't have any plans or conception of the Founders or the Dominion at this early point. However, when the show is taken as a whole, it can be a problem.

This is a rather lackluster or average episode that is indeed saved by the characters, especially the scene of Odo standing stoically in his defaced office.

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I always wonder where people are coming from when they compare DS9 to a soap opera. Have they never seen one? Soap operas are usually terrible, with plotlines that repeat themselves and horrible characters having affairs and backstabbing each other.
I agree with Nerys - most people seem to think that any story that is continuous is a soap opera. This, I think, is especially true for people familiar with TOS and TNG, which had only minor serialization. They expect Trek to be a string of standalone episodes and aren't prepared for something else. Given that VOY and the first two seasons of ENT continued with the standalone format, I can see how people might be a little surprised by DS9.
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