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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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The idea that it's too soon since RDM's version is wrong for a very simple reason. Despite its relative acclaim or the fact that many here really liked it, not that many people actually watched the new BSG.
Yep. And movies are a global business. Envision the proportion of people worldwide who have ever heard of either iteration of BSG - very small. BSG is a franchise that's still to be defined, especially for movies.

I'll bet it turns out more like Transformers than anything else. That's raked in huge box office, so why wouldn't Singer use that as his lodestar? Give the world more of the simple-minded mayhem it craves.

All us RDM BSG fans can gloat about our superiority when we see the dreck that Singer produces. Of course, he'll make enough money to keep the dreck coming indefinitely. Just warning everyone so nobody will be too disillusioned.

And switching over to my Trekkie hat, I'm also pretty sure that Abrams' movies will be Shakespeare by comparison. More good news for gloating purposes.
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