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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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I've thought about this a bit more, and rather than right-wing per se, I think the movie could do very well with a tribal mentality. I think that would have huge appeal globally right now, casting the Cylons and their human helpers as a purely evil "other," something audiences can use for a stand-in for their ire. No attempt should be made at understanding or coming to terms with the Cylons, or seeing their point of view. Just frakkin' kill them all. Nice and simple.

This isn't "right-wing" because for instance, I can see the Cylons and the human quislings being interpreted by audiences as analogous to evil, greedy bankers or globalism or whatever else the Occupy Wall Street types are against. Alternatively, the Cylons could be the forces of liberal humanism who are tearing down this great nation etc etc. And in other nations, the targets will be somewhat different - movies are a global business after all - so it's important to leave it very open ended just who the Cylons "really are."

How about a fantasy-casting game? Who do you see as Adama, Apollo, Starbuck, et al?
I suspect that's how a new movie would go. You need a simple through line for a summer popcorn movie.
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