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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

I kind of doubt this will reach fruition, but there's no reason it can't. Battlestar Galactica as a story still has name recognition. It's certainly as viable a story, if not more so, than a lot of the dreck that does get made.

The idea that it's too soon since RDM's version is wrong for a very simple reason. Despite its relative acclaim or the fact that many here really liked it, not that many people actually watched the new BSG. It was sucking fumes in the ratings by the end. It made no huge commercial or cultural impact that saturated the market. For example, ask random people on the street who Grace Park is. Outside of a science fiction convention, the overwhelming answers will be "I don't know" or "Kono whats-her-name on Hawaii Five O." More people are still likely to remember Olmos from Miami Vice than BSG.

The average move goer whom a new film would target will simply think: "Huh, Battlestar Galactica, spaceships and killer robots? I wonder what the trailer looks like?" Make a good trailer and maybe you can make some money. Make a good movie and I will be pleasantly surprised.
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