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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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My guess from the way things have been depicted so far is that they will encounter each other while investigating the boxes (which I'm guessing could be micro boob tubes or tesseracts of somekind) while ruffling each others feathers along the way while learning to work together to solve the crisis at hand. Then after they are together they decide they can work together and form the Justice League. I'm guessing they nominate Superman as their leader and Bruce will give his "Gotham gets my priority but alert me if there is something actually seriously you need my help with and maybe I'll aide you guys" speech. Then the second arc flash forwards to the present and we see how the roster has expanded, etc.
Actually as much as I'm enjoying this new, harder-edged take on Superman, I'm having a hard time imagining him being the "leader" of the Justice League now. He just seems like too much of a loose cannon.

To me, Batman would be the more obvious choice, being clearly the most adult person in the group.
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Yeah, but this is five years ago.

Still, making Batman the leader would make some sense. Whatever qualities he brings to that would give him something to do besides being the obvious weak link to be stepped on.
Yeah the only major problem with Bats as the leader might be his sort of JLI membership though.

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Amphibious, superstrong and a telepath. I think he might be able to do more than hold a flashlight. I think the guy who's just a human in a bat themed suit is clearly the designated flashlight holder. They can let him call it a "Bat-Light" to make him feel better.
Considering the "human in a bat themed suit" seems to be the only adult in the room with the NuJLA I'd take him over the other yahoos.

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Currently Batman is acting like the leader of them...he's the only one who seems to have his shit together. It will be interesting to see what happens when we flash forward.
True though from JLI it doesn't look like Batman changes that much.

When has Superman abandoned his "kids"? That was only created for Young Justice. He was a mentor to Connor when he finally accepted him in the previous continuity. Who do you think gave Connor his names? He's never been a father figure in the comics. A mentor yes, but not like Bruce with all the Robins.
There is also the whole Superman Returns thing.

That being said I was only trying to point out that when you think about it Batman isn't nearly as bad as some of the other DC heavy hiters.
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