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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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The note posted on's front page this morning: wrote:
Dear Customers,

We have more good news for Amazon Prime members Prime Instant Video is growing again. We've now licensed TV programs from PBS including day-after broadcast shows like Frontline and NOVA, more than 1,000 episodes of shows like Masterpiece, Antiques Roadshow, and popular Ken Burns documentaries The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, and, for a limited time, the first episode of Prohibition.

PBS joins recently announced FOX television shows 24, Arrested Development, The X-Files, Ally McBeal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Wonder Years.
Coming soon, we'll be adding Malcolm in the Middle, King of the Hill, and episodes from Julia Child's classic cooking series, The French Chef. We continue to add new Prime Instant Video titles to our catalog at no additional cost. Prime membership remains $79 a year.

Looks like somebody's upping the game just a bit. I mean, sure, they're a long way off from taking Netflix down, but this is just a sign of what Netflix stands to lose if they can't hold it together as the race really begins.
The biggest problem that Amazon faces... they don't have the content. I looked further... ONLY the first season of Arrested Development? Lots of First seasons of things... but, not complete...

They are a long way from securing enough content to compete.
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