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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

milo bloom wrote: View Post
Was never big on the original, and I loved the Moore version, but I wouldn't mind a tidy little film trilogy reboot that could stand on it's own also.
I'm basically in this camp. The original show was a little silly and mostly only worth watching for the modelwork, the Ron Moore series was fantastic, and if Bryan Singer wants to make a space opera movie that just happens to borrow this franchise name (which is in effect what would happen) I'm pretty okay with that. Not one of Singer's biggest fans, but I vaguely like the idea we'll see more space opera movies in the cinema.

Frontier wrote: View Post
Those who like the old, those who like the 'nu' will both have to accept: we've had our fun. Anything new will be directed at the kiddies.
Come now that shouldn't be that much of a problem. The original BSG was quite markedly a juvenile show. BSG skewed to a more older target audience, I'd guess, but I'd find it hard to belive there's many nuBSG fans here who automatically hate space opera because it's targeted at younger moviegoers (as, really, most all space opera cinema is).

This could be a blast. Could be a big, splashy, bombastic space epic. And that'd be alright with me.
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