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Somehow, even the obnoxious, lisping gay stereotype seems almost masculine & respectable when John Barrowman is doing it.
*puts on rainbow gay rights button* we need more of that type of gay man on TV, rather than the pathetically camp gay guy you see in comedy alot. Barrowman is almost daring how he comes across as a man who is gay, rather than the generic gay man.

*takes rainbow gay rights button*
One should be careful not to turn that view into a femme-phobic attitude, though. Our non-gender-typically behaving brothers and sisters and whatever-else-they-want-to-be's deserve love and respect and representation just like anyone else, and don't forget that it was the butch lesbians and the drag queens who first fought back. We shouldn't marginalise them in an attempt to appeal to the heteros.

*tips purple velour hat*

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