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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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^Remember Admiral the universe was introduced for new readers so stripping the characters down to their basic aspects was done for them. This is not limited to JL but every book that has been released. All the characters are back at stage 1 without all the layers built in. Its a tightrope to walk for such well known characters but leaves lots of room for changes in the future.
I'd agree in some cases, but not all. While yeah, not much light as been shed on their personalities yet in the books, it's only been one issue after all, there is room for depth there or at least they aren't playing up their lack of depth. Justice League has it's characters almost comically depthless, especially Green Lantern. Actually Hal Jordan is written poorly across the board. Hard to believe he's Johns' golden boy.

But in the end, my biggest complaint is that there's no meat on its bones. I should not be 8 dollars into a story where barely anything of note story wise has happend. I feel like DC should have done better with this, seeing as Justice League was supposed to grab new readers back. People seem to like it, so what do I know, but this kind of decompression where you only get two full stories year is what got me out of comics in the first place.
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