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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Count me in the group that never thought Garak was gay. I just didn't see it.

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The big problem with this episode is the complete lack of fallout from Sisko discovering the Celestial Temple. I'm pretty sure that if we found Allah hiding out in the Kuiper belt it would be an Earth-shaking event that people would be talking about months later, but there's not a whiff of that in this episode. And it's not just that the writers ignore the issue, it's that they address the wormhole frequently without any emphasis on the religious element of it. I can understand Tahna Los' reasoning for trying to collapse the entrance to the wormhole, and perhaps he doesn't care about the religious implications because he's not a religious guy, but it's absolute craziness that Kira doesn't address that issue once Tahna reveals his plan.
That has always bugged me about this episode as well. Emissary makes it clear that the Bajorans consider the Wormhole to be where their gods live. I could more easily accept that Tahna is willing to destroy it if they had just stated that he doesn't care about the Celestial Temple or that he just doesn't believe in the Prophets. For Kira to say nothing about it, is shocking.

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Kira has to be the first main character on Star Trek that actively dislikes the Federation, and what a wonderful decision that was, because questioning the actions of the Federation is healthy and that was previously a viewpoint reserved for the villains.
I agree about how important this was. I think part of the preachiness of TNG, and where so many of its episodes failed (even good ones like "The Wounded") was the it was always Federation views and behaviors being treated as perfect (even when blatantly wrong) and anything an alien said to contradict that meant they just couldn't understand those lofty humans and needed a lesson in the moral of the week.
Most definitely. One of the worst offenders in that camp is Homeward - where they literally sit back and watch as an entire civilization is extinguished and then treat the guest (who's even a Human) like he's scum for saving a few of the people. All of it is done under the justification that interference would have changed their culture. So, in other words, if it's a choice between a different culture and death, the lofty Federation will choose death for you and don't you dare question that wisdom.

Thank God they were willing to explore issues more fully on DS9.
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