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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

You know in that scene, the one where Bashir first meets Garak, I never got the impression that Garak was gay. I think Garak had an elegant, but also sinister way, of being polite. Also I think Garak, knowing how naive Bashir was, wanted to scare Bashir a little, because Bashir was definitely on edge with Garak.

But all of this has been horribly misinterpreted by the 'is Garak gay' bunch of people, as Garak trying to 'coming on' to Bashir. Listen if Garak was really gay, then he would have done the standard Cardassian thing for making ones feelings known; been hostile and argumentative towards Bashir.

But that didn't happen because either a) Garak knows a lot more about human culture and traditions then he lets on, or b) Garak was never 'attracted' to Bashir in the first place. Besides with Cardassian society, and their obsession with family, I think a gay Cardassian, if discovered to be gay by his(or her) peers, would be heavily stigmatised.
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