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Re: Ron Thornton Interview

Thereís been a few little updates.

Itís the last update Iím doing to the site so Iíve added this screen in, which some might find of interest.

I was going to add stuff like this to the ship screens.

But every time I did one I got depressed about the quality and stopped for a while Ė at that rate it would have taken another 8 years to finish it. ; ) Iíd also hoped to include things like occlusion renders showing orthos for some of the original models used on the show. But as I felt awkward enough asking for them Iíve decided to not bother chasing those anymore. There was a few other ideas but this seems a good a time as any to close the book on it, hence the offer of the download to anyone who wants it. (and yes, it is the last update Ė this time ; )

btw, if you know of any B5 fans who might not read this, and might be interested, give them a kick and let them know about the download.

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