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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread


Mature / PG15+

Hell's-Gate Station
Starbase 666
(Alexandria-Class U.F.P. Outpost/Fleetyard)

(12 July 2376)


Formerly known as Empok Nor, Starfleet felt they needed additional early warning / listening posts to serve the A.Q. Alliance. So, Empok Nor was chosen, and towed from the Trivas Sector for refurbishing as the Corps of Engineers newest peacetime pet-project in the Likara Sector. Dominion and Borg detritus helped Starfleet to realize how best to serve its interests. A station built to handle the overflow from DS9, a jumping-off point to the Gamma and Delta Quadrants, and the Federation.

Also, a headquarters to Starfleet's transport command (circa 2375). Home away from home for tired colonial militias and their suppliers, in addition to supporting a massive hub for restoring confidence in basic civilian tourism throughout the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. The Alexandria-Class features several underslung "Suez Canal-Class" (Nem-type) maintenance berths docked and enveloped within a Nor-Class station's original shield perimeter, allowing for vessels large, medium, and small while enjoying the benefit of a Regula-Class science station's minimal tactical profile and Ournal-Class starbase's facilities and firepower.

There's a number of roles available.

RPG Characters Wanted And Available:

  • Maquis / Mercenaries
  • Bordello Operator & "Adult Entertainers"
  • "Katrina's" Nightclub Operator
  • Pets (Dogs, Cats, Other)
  • Civilians / Family Members
  • Starfleet Intelligence
  • Section 31
  • Department Of Temporal Investigations
  • Promenade Merchant
  • Starbase Command Staff
  • Merchant Marines Group
  • Defense (Starship) Fleet
  • Starfighters / Search & Rescue
  • Colony Governor & Staff Members

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