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Re: Whovian Whumor

I saw a girl wearing a TARDIS dress at the 2010 Phoenix ComicCon. She could open the doors on the front, exposing a picture of the Season 5 TARDIS interior. She topped it off with a dark blue bowler hat with a light on the top.

I find this video charming:

Karen Gillan is a bit rubbish but that may be because she's not really trying. She may just not be a great reader. (Most people aren't.)
Matt Smith is almost pulling it off but is coming off a bit too much like a movie gangster from the 1930s.
Arthur Darvill knocks it out of the park. He could definately have a viable American film career. He also looks very American. (Gillan looks American enough but probably wouldn't be as sexy without the accent. Smith doesn't look American at all. But then, I'm not sure he really looks like anything except the Doctor.)

Somehow, even the obnoxious, lisping gay stereotype seems almost masculine & respectable when John Barrowman is doing it.
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