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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

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These days, Trek books seem to appear about a week before their technical on-sale date, so we'll be seeing this soon, I bet.

I got mine today. (Yay! First commenter.)

In brief, I enjoyed To Brave the Storm as much as I enjoyed any of the other Romulan War novels.

Narrative-wise, the problem with these is that instead of opening up new possibilities for future development these novels explain backstory, i.e. they show why things the way they are instead of how things could be different. I'm not sure it's possible for novels that function more-or-less as continuity porn to be as satisfying as the novels which explore new possibilities. It's a problem of the form of this Trek sub-genre, not of the novels.

I did like To Brave the Storm--I'm certainly pleased that I own a copy! With scenes behind the Earth and Romulan lines, continued development of Vulcan and the pre-Federation environment, battles described and explanations provided more than competently, and more coverage of Trip's espionage and his relationship with T'Pol, it does what I'd want it to. I'd rate the book a 6.5-7 out of 10: good and worth the purchase, if unspectacular.
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