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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Morgan is the guy from the premiere played by Lennie James. I can't recall if he whispered anything to Rick, but I was talking about what the CDC scientist whispered to Rick. His name was Jenner.

Morgan came into the picture because Rick was leaving a message for him (which he may or may not ever hear). Rick was almost going to tell Morgan what Jenner whispered, and then decided not to. That whole scene struck me as significant, and provides a clue about what Jenner whispered: something that Rick might think Morgan should know, and then change his mind about. Why would he do that, unless it's something startling and important, but also unbelievable?

And they're obviously not hewing to the comics, since Shane is still alive. They might take some stuff from it, but and leave other stuff out. So the comics are irrelevant to making predictions about what is or isn't going to happen in the series.

And my theory is different than what you put in spoiler code anyway, so I don't see how it's even relevant to this discussion.
Ah, right, I meant Jenner. As for how relevant the comics are, you do know the writer of the comics is an executive producer and also on the writing staff for the show?

As for what I put in spoiler code, it's in direct response to what you said in post #72:
The first scene, with Rick leaving a message for Morgan, struck me as odd in context with the theory that the scientist told him Lori was pregnant. Why would Rick hesitate to tell Morgan about that?

I think the news was something more startling, and something that could impact Morgan - and everyone - directly. I'm sticking with my zany theory that the scientist told Rick that he's infected with the zombie virus, which might be something of extreme importance (is Rick immune? if some people are naturally immune, that's huge news!) but is also too fantastical to believe. He'd want to tell Morgan something like that, but then decide, nah, why get the guy's hopes up, it must be bullshit or a mistake.
How can you not see it's relevance in the discussion? It refers to a fact from the comic book that the show is based on which pertains to the line of discussion in the 2 posts directly preceding it. You can't get much more relevant in this thread.
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