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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Taking guns away from people and leaving them unarmed is a very bad idea, if only from the viewpoint of morale, and in this scenario, morale is a huge factor. Bad morale can break up the group and lead to fights and suicides. I certainly would not want to run around unarmed. Giving everyone a crossbow and training them on the basics is the only sensible route.
Agreed. Shit here in the South specifically ATL where the story is based your local Wal*Mart store has enough amunition to arm several batallions. And Wal*Mart stores are as prelevant around here as McDonalds.

But part of the story is to make the zombies on equal if not upper footing with the living to make it interesting.

It just seems unlikely to me that our infrastrusture would collapse because the undead were out to get the living with all of the bunkers and protected enviornments that would allow people to sheild themselves from zombies.
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