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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Interesting. But if that were the case in the show, then

One thing that's always been unclear to me about all zombie flicks - both this one and on the big screen - is how walking dead people could successfully overtake armed living people with guns, flame throwers, drones, and even nuclear weapons.
I still wonder why they haven't ransacked every sporting goods store they can find to stock up on crossbows and teach every adult how to use one competently. Most of the time, they don't dare use guns, and hand to hand combat with zombies strikes me as a very unwise habit, which is bound to eventually result in disaster. So forget using a hatchet, it would probably be a better idea to just run.

They should also go over some likely zombie-fighting scenarios so that everyone knows their role in case of an attack, such as standing in a rough circle and staying aware of the position of everyone else to avoid accidental friendly fire incidents, and not emerging from a sheltered area without first checking to see if you're in someone's crosshairs.

Taking guns away from people and leaving them unarmed is a very bad idea, if only from the viewpoint of morale, and in this scenario, morale is a huge factor. Bad morale can break up the group and lead to fights and suicides. I certainly would not want to run around unarmed. Giving everyone a crossbow and training them on the basics is the only sensible route.

Although everyone should be armed with crossbows for self-defense, they also need guns to use if they find themselves in a no-way-out situation, to commit suicide quickly. Lori and Carol, who are in charge of the children, should also be prepared to kill them quickly if needed, and always have at least two bullets to spare. For Lori and Carol, of all people, to run around unarmed is just irresponsible. They also need to be honest with themselves regarding their ability to kill their own children and if there's any doubt about it, Carl and Sophia should be under the care of another adult who can. Maybe Lori and Carol should simply swap babysitting duties.

This group continues to act in accordance with gender roles that are very much irrelevant at this point. I guess that's realistic - they aren't going to be able to snap out of old habits without some effort - but wow, it's actually pretty scary when you start to dig into it. No wonder Andrea was pissed.

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