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Re: YouTube to launch professionally produced channels

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Okay sorry for yet another mega-post. And I haven't even mentioned how I think that the video content needs to start evolving into a format that better takes advantage of interactivity - more like simple games. Imagine Terra Nova, except the members get to decide who the dinos eat next, or even what kind of dinos are eating them.
This is what gaming is for...not TV. Hell Pizza had an interactive commercial that is on YT.

Interactive zombie movie adventure - DELIVER ME TO HELL - REAL ZOMBIES ATTACK

Which was cool and interesting...but I can see the novelty of this sort of thing wearing off quickly...then again it might be a big hit. It works if there is a story people can just watch or choose to "play the game". This would also involve filming various outcomes for one story.
That's exactly my point - YouTube is not TV. So why take content from a non-interactive medium to an interactive one, and ignore the interactivity? Just stay on broadcast/cable. What I'm thinking of would probably constitute a new genre, midway between reality TV and existing games.

But rather than have a story in mind, and have different endings to be voted on (an approach that has been tried, and has flopped), I'm thinking of it from the other way around - devise the game and then find a story that will work for it.

The game is basically Survivor, where the audience controls the outcome and they base their decisions on how much they like the characters or the actors playing them. We already play this game - I love X character, they better not kill them off; I hate Y character, I wish the dinos would eat them - so the demand exists, the game just needs to be formalized (and a way found to make money off it, which is always the motivator behind innovation.)

Some kind of story can be built around the game, in order to give the characters the chance to let us see whether we love or hate them. I would give the actors a degree of control over their fate by allowing them more latitude than is usual for improv or providing input into their character, since it's unfair that they'd be judged on the basis of shitty writing provided by a writer, who isn't the one on "trial." Unlike reality TV, which pretends that the paticipants aren't wannabee actors, I'd cast a slew of wannabees and give them their chance to develop a following.

There will always be a place for scripted TV, but scripted TV is exactly what is floundering on broadcast. This YouTube announcement does nothing to address the central problem facing broadcast TV, especially scripted drama. It just opens up a new place for the problem to be perpetuated, and is frankly very unimaginative. There's no reason for scripted TV to be on the internet at all, other than for distribution purposes, and that's a very minor way of capitalizing on what the internet can do. Other entertainment forms will evolve that capitalize on it much more thoroughly.

Whatever the solution is, some "new thing" needs to be invented for online entertainment, because the existing genres aren't really ideal. Just plopping non-interactive formats onto the internet is missing the point of the internet, but games (either hard-core-gamer or casual/social media) are locked into very tightly defined formats that inhibit true creativity. I just see the same game types over and over, appealing to their narrow niches. I feel like there's a lot of stuff that could exist, that nobody has thought to create, that would fill the void.
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