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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Temis the Bleeding Aorta wrote: View Post
Well, I loved the premiere. I was impressed that 90 minutes mostly spent looking for a lost girl in the woods could be so gripping.

Also happy about the ratings. I've been worried that people would forget the show, given the short run last year and long hiatus. This and Sons of Anarchy are my two favorite shows on TV now.

Is it my imagination, or are the Southern accents more prominent this season, in particular from Rick and Lori? (Not sure if they're accurate though - Rick in particular sounds generic cornpone, not specifically Georgian.)

The first scene, with Rick leaving a message for Morgan, struck me as odd in context with the theory that the scientist told him Lori was pregnant. Why would Rick hesitate to tell Morgan about that?

I think the news was something more startling, and something that could impact Morgan - and everyone - directly. I'm sticking with my zany theory that the scientist told Rick that he's infected with the zombie virus, which might be something of extreme importance (is Rick immune? if some people are naturally immune, that's huge news!) but is also too fantastical to believe. He'd want to tell Morgan something like that, but then decide, nah, why get the guy's hopes up, it must be bullshit or a mistake.

Speaking of Morgan, I wonder if they're going to bring him and his son back into the show at some point?

DarthTom wrote: View Post
Agreed. The exchange between Andrea and Dale I thought was very well acted where she blamed him for not allowing her to committ suicide.
Yeah, good scene. She seemed ingrateful, but then again, Dale stole her chance to commit suicide in a quick way, where she isn't forced to actively do something, like pull a trigger, which she might not be able to do when it comes down to it. That might have been her best chance to get out of a living nightmare, and eventually they might all regret not staying to die in the explosion.
Yeah, or the scientist told him that the lab was already crawling with the virus. The more they cover themselves in zombie guts, hide under bodies, and splatter blood all over the place when hacking up zombies, the more it gets harder and harder to believe that they're not all immune carriers.

And that by the way is an argument to keep people in the group from "opting out". They'll need to be adopting the Laura Roslin strategy of making babies pretty soon.
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