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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

No it doesn't.

First, they have to make a deal with him because he owns the rights they need. So offering or not offering him something isn't an option they have.

Secondly, as long as he's well-paid, on board with a title and saying nice things about the project they're not going to lose a single fan among the three or four dozen who actually still constitute oldBSG fandom.

If you think the studio is relying on the original fandom even for WOMs on this thing, you're very much mistaken - they're not going to spend big bucks on an exercise in nostalgia on any level, but on a state-of-the-art summer blockbuster that they hope will put youngsters' butts in seats the same way that Transformers and its ilk do.

I have no idea what a "conciliatory credit" is in the context under discussion, much less what a "concialiatory" one might be - people get credits for something, even if it's just their enthusiastic endorsement of a project.

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