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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I've never seen a full motion comic, but the wee bits I've seen look bizarre and unwieldy.

I was thinking about Batwoman earlier and how she was supposed to be a soldier (can those negatively affected by DADT go back now?), which would have involved, perforce, killing people with guns, or providing support for the killing of people with guns. My question is why does Batman care about lawful homicide when civilians do it but he does not care about someone who swore an oath to lawfully kill foreigners and enemy U.S. citizens under the auspices of the U.S. military? Shouldn't he be like, "Fuck you, take off that symbol, you were a murderer in training, blah blah blah I'm an asshole Gotham is mine"? At the very least, he should question her commitment to the no-kill rule, since obviously she was at least intellectually prepared to take lives. (Let's assume, of course, that the 100,000 incidences of severe trauma to the head, spine, and torso provided by expert Bat-martial artists never killed even one person.)

I mean, I guess he doesn't care when cops do it. He cares when other superheroes do it. Huge blindspot in his bullshit moral system, though, isn't it?

It kinda depends on who's writing. Batman doesn't seem to have a problem with Alfred's current background, or him grabbing a shotgun or maybe a big bore double now and again to protect the house. He's been shown to practice with small arms to know how they're operated and their capabilities. Hell, go far enough back and he'll mow down mobsters with a submachine gun. He's never been shown to think less of the honest cops carrying. How often is Jim Gordon shown without a shoulder holster?

He also killed a God. With a gun.

Think of the "no guns, no killing" rule as more of the line in the sand. He knows what he's doing is illegal. It's necessary because the threat has become too much for law enforcement to manage. Now, he can't just go and off every bad guy who jaywalks either. Where does he draw the line? Where his actions can have irreversable consequences. It's an arbitrary line, but that's the one he drew. He expects those who follow his lead to stay on the right side of it.
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