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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Why would Universal make the announcement concerning the BSG reboot movie - which specifically mentions Larson's involvement and the particulars thereof - if they were later going to turn around, hire Singer, and exclude Larson from the process entirely aside from paying him for the rights to the property? Why not go after Singer directly and follow a similar process with what they did for RDM's BSG (give Larson a concialiatory credit)?
They play up Larson's involvement in order to get the original BSG fans on board, obviously. I, too, find it unlikely his participation will extend beyond a credit and a nice check.
Exactly so. Flattering Larson in the context of the announcement doesn't make him harder to deal with, either.

Apparently - and online reporting on this goes way back to the 1999 project - Larson's separable rights with regard to a BSG movie are more substantial than as regards television.

Offering him a credit on nuBSG may have had less to do with generosity and more to do with not being able to predict how much credit a WGA arbitration might have awarded him. Credits are money.
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