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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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Are you thinking of placing access panels for the equipment to the bridge along that outer wall? While we've seen people making repairs on the inside of the bridge, this give yours the opportunity to be more descrete with repairs.

And while I like those arching I-beams along the parimeter of the bridge, they look too much like iron being red... Not that the colour means they are iron, that's just the initial feeling (ugh feelings suck) when I look at it. And therefore it looks too contemporary with our time. Meh- just a thought.
I had considered making changes to the interior walls for that very purpose; but, on further consideration I decided against it. Doesn't make much sense to have pressure doors and a sealed environment for emergencies if access panels compromise the main bridge in event of a hull rupture. Pretty much decided that the service corridor is intended for access to wiring trunks, plumbing and data lines.

As to the structural.. Materials may change; but, basic design concepts tend not to over time. If you look at Motorcycles today vs 70 years ago, the frames have gone through various grades of steal to carbon fibre; but, the basic concepts remain the same. Aircraft designs went from
wood to heavy metals, to lighter weight metals and metallic alloys to now including carbon fibre as well. So, I've used the modern steal style I-beam keeping an eye to future tech. Not everything is I-beam construction as you can see from my earlier images. That said, you might have a close look at the "under construction" trailer released for the last movie.
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