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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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One teeny, tiny suggestion in what's otherwise an obviously fantastic work:

The access ladder from Deck 1 to Deck 2: why not make it one of those triangular access ladders we saw in various episodes? An example that immediately comes to mind is the ladder that Scotty and his crew use to get to Engineering on the Constellationn after beaming over in "The Doomsday Machine":

Again, amazing job and I'm by no means against the ladder as it stands. It just seems to me that the triangular ladder might be a neat bit of continuity.

Dakota Smith
Thank you. The tripod style ladders as I understand it are mainly used when the span being crossed is multiple decks.
IE in the dorsal section where there is a 4 or more deck run with one ladder section - tripod called for. In an emergency situation, the tripod allows one to avoid bottlenecks while offering stability and safety. The ladder I chose for the service corridor was chosen because it offers the best access for a smaller group of people in an emergency situation for either access to or from the bridge. That said, the blueprints also suggest this sort of ladder in that the space into which it goes is pretty tight and restrictive. The ceiling above the gangway access from deck 2 is angled and you are entering Deck 1 through a hole in a wall at less than half the height of the wall.. That really calls for handholds that are wall mounted and an angled access ladder - tripod simply doesn't fit the bill and would be less safe.

Good question.
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